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MGB Zippers

Four pillars of our company: Quality, service, innovation and trust.

Welcome to MGB Zippers, India's largest leading manufacturer and exporter of metallic and non metallic zippers and sliders. The company was established in 2003 under the supervision of Mr. Mahavir Goel. The company has been manufacturing best quality products in the industry. Also, the company has been supplying to big brand names in the fashion industry and bag industry since years.

The company's focus is on overall quality of the product, for which the company has a well established Quality Control department which concentrates on each phase of manufacturing- from raw material to the finished good, to provide the best of the product.

Leading global manufacturer of premium zippers

Mission & Vision


With the best of our technology and resources. We have set a vision to become largest suppliers of all types of zippers by 2023.
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